James Morrison

Podcast Producer/Field Producer
Washington, D.C.
Field Producer, Reporter and Podcast Producer


James Morrison

Audio Editing
Producing Live Shows
Field Recording

I'm a national award-winning broadcast reporter with a decade of experience working in radio and podcasting. My news reporting has been featured on NPR, Marketplace, The World, Here & Now and other national radio outlets.

I am currently a writer/producer for Smithsonian Institution's flagship podcast Sidedoor.

My previous position was as a field producer covering the 2020 presidential election for the national radio show 1A, which is distributed by NPR.

I have helped launched national podcasts, including the true crime show "Hell and Gone," by iHeartMedia, inc.

Additional podcast credits include:

-Distillations, by the Science History Institute
-Ways & Means, by Duke University
-The MidPod

A podcast I produced about the final hours of the Vietnam War was accepted into the Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival.